Livspace acquires YoFloor – home design will never be the same again!

Livspace acquires YoFloor

If you have ever dreamt of having a beautiful home, then this morning we have news for you!

YoFloor is now officially a part of Livspace — the first complete home design service online, and together we are set to revolutionize home design like never before.

A couple of months ago, we asked a question — Why can’t there be a virtual trial room for home design, when there exists one for everything else? Hence was born YoFloor. Today, with Livspace we are asking bigger questions and as they say, the right questions lead to the right answers. But what does this mean for you?

As a homeowner, when you are getting ready to design your home, you often begin with clipping inspiration pictures from all over the web and magazines. Once you share these inspirations with your designer, traditionally, it results in plenty of back and forth — spread over meetings and emails — while the designer tries to perfect what you want for your home. In the coming months, all that will change.

With the acquisition of YoFloor, Livspace is set to meet its vision of creating a first-of-its-kind tool in India which will allow designers to upload your home and layout, to present looks that you’ve selected, and personalize them to your taste right in front of you. So, it is visualization and personalization rolled into one. And not just designers, homeowners will be able to use this functionality as well! So, get ready for an an immersive design experience in real time. Deciding upon a final design or look for your home will take the least amount of your time but with an augmented visualization, it will still remain a highly involved experience like it should.

But to get you started we’d leave you to discover some stunning looks at  for your home at Livspace – featuring the biggest library of ready-to-buy home designs in the country. You can also join the exciting Livspace community here to stay updated with all the new things we are doing for you!

With love,

Team YoFloor & Livspace




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